We were approached by a LFS, with a customer wanting a Bashsea life support system for their future 2500L fish only marine aquarium.

After numerous discussions, with the customer, and liaising with Bashsea themselves, this combination of a Bio reactor 10×30, and a Twisted skimmer, dual becket, 10×30 was decided to be the ultimate filtration system for this system.

The combination of these two products will allow the customer to keep some very big hungry fish, and keeping the water quality in top while the fish are feed multiple times throughout the day.

The Twisted skimmer 10×30 falls into the commercial category of the Bashsea range, and this example has been customized to have extra inlets for Ozone.

The picture below are the two products in production at Bashsea Headquarters.

Here at Beyond The Sea Reef Supplies, we want you to have the best filtration products for your systems, creating a perfect environment for your livestock. Feel free to contact us and we will happily assist in helping you decide which of the Bashsea products will suit your requirements.

Br and TS 10x30 custom (Medium)