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The Benefits of using MarcoRocks Key Largo:

  • No environmental impact on the worlds reef
  • No Hitchhikers or nuisance algaes
  • No dead or decaying matter that will foul your tank water
  • Great for marine fish and reef aquariums
  • Easy to scape and a great way to start your marine aquarium
  • 100% Natural calcium carbonate – No bonding chemicals, additives added.
  • Most porous base rock available for your tank
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MarcoRocks key largo rock is the finest aquarium rock available to the marine aquarium enthusiast today.

MarcoRocks key largo is a natural rock that is harvested on land from an extinct reef system buried when the Florida land mass was formed.

MarcoRocks key largo is a “green”alternative product, because it is not harvested from a marine environment so it has no negative impact on our delicate reef ecosystems.

Combine this with MarcoRocks unique cleaning and processing and you get a great looking rock, totally pest and organic free that is also environmentally friendly.

How much rock should I buy?

If MarcoRocks will be used as your primary biological filtration, the rule of thumb is 1 to1.5 Lbs per gallon. Depending on what type of scape you are looking to build.

If MarcoRocks will not be your primary Bio filter, We would recommend that you let whatever look is pleasing be your guide.

Can I add rock right into my established tank?

We do not recommend our rock or any other rock put straght into an established tank without testing first.

However you will find our Key Largo rock 100% free of organics or “pre cured” this makes it safe to tank in an established system without fear of an ammonia spike.

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