ME Coral

At MEcoral our objective is to continuously improve aquarist ability to maintain aquarium water chemistry in a simple, safe, and effective manner. We look to exceed our customers expectations in Quality, Cost, and Delivery (Be it on-line or at your Local Fish Store) through continuous improvement via customer interaction.

Not being satisfied with the choices of aquarium chemical supplements available in the market place, we decided to help educate Aquarist and bring them the best quality chemicals at reasonable prices. Our products are the results of more than 20 years of passionately working with corals and aquariums. As a Florida licensed coral aquaculture facility we have tried many products in our systems in an attempt to find what works best. We feel we have found the best, and only offer for sale what we use today in our aquariums. We would never ask you to use something we would not use, I am not sure all our competitors can say that. Please look through the coral pictures on the web site to see what some of our corals look like. Every product we offer is based on sound scientific evidence. Not our science, but the consensus of the aquarium community.

All of our chemicals are selected, blended, and designed specifically to MEcoral specifications and quality standard.

Don’t you deserve a Happy and Healthy aquarium with the best possible coral color and growth? Try MEcoral products, we guarantee you will be happy!

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