Our aim at Beyond the Sea Reef Supplies is to provide the Australian market with exceptional marine aquarium equipment.  We are a importer/wholesaler, offering our products to retailers to sell to the public in Australia.


  • We are the sole distributor for Bashsea, an American company specialising in skimmers, reactors, media chambers and other innovative products for marine tanks.
  •  We are also the distributor for Marcorocks, from Florida USA. they mine and supply reef friendly reef base rock, mined from quarries in Florida.
  •  We import and distribute AutoAquas range of quality innovative products like the Micro smart ATO and Q eye & Q shooter.
  •  We are the distributor for Warner Marine, who make a propriety bio pellet with their ecobak range.
  •  We are the distributor for ME Corals, who make a wide range of aquarium additives, coral care products.
  •  We are the distributor for Sunpole, who hope to introduce new dimensions to the aquarium industry with reliable quality, convenient operation and innovative design.

Watch this space as we source other international companies which we hope to represent in Australia in the near future.