Bashsea, based in Michigan USA, has been creating extreme aquatic systems for commercial and private homes professionally for over sixteen years. They offer a range of products that are sleek, simple and honest!! Bashsea life support systems are now available in Australia for the home enthusiast to commercial usages.
Warner Marine Trace – Makers of bio pellet media with their Ecobak range for nitrate and phosphate control in marine aquariums.
Not being satisfied with the choices of aquarium chemical supplements available in the market place, ME Coral decided to help educate Aquarist & bring them the best quality chemicals at reasonable prices.  Their products are the results of more than 20 years of passionately working with corals & aquariums. Based in Florida USA, all of their chemicals are selected, blended, and designed specifically to MEcoral specifications & quality standard.
AUTOAQUA is a professional automatic aquarium equipment company. Our goal is automatic aquarium total solution provider.
SUNPOLE hopes to introduce new dimensions to the aquarium industry with reliable quality, convenient operation and innovative design, so that aquariums will embrace the qualities of the true, good and beautiful things in life.