Bashsea Twisted Skimmer TS6x24

The Bashsea Twisted Protein Skimmer was developed with two things in mind, power and efficiency. This beckett-style skimmer utilizes a patent pending injection and mixing system combined with a full body reaction chamber design, which greatly increases dwell time resulting in optimum nutrient removal. This makes the Bashsea Twisted skimmer the perfect choice for high bio load systems.

4 standard models area available, and custom skimmers can be made for systems over 2500L.

• For use in-sump or just outside the sump
• Bubble plate to minimize turbulence
• Full body reaction chamber
• Skimmer cup drain for easy attachment of Bashsea Waste Collector
• Precision CNC key hole flanges
• True o-ring seals
• Key holed and o-ring sealed beckett chamber for easy maintenance
• Designed and hand built in the U.S.A. using 100% American Made Acrylic Construction


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Bashsea Twisted Skimmer 6-24

  • The Twisted 6-24 is for aquariums up to 400L Heavily stocked – 800L Lightly stocked
  • Recommended pump range approx 5000LPH – Pump LPH will vary pending length of feeder hose used from pump to inlet of skimmer.
  • 6″ diameter chamber
  • 58cm in height
  • 31cm x 19cm Base foot print


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