Bashsea madness awaits

The team at Bashsea, in Michigan USA have been busy manufacturing and assembling our next big order for Australia. Sumps, Sumps and more sumps, more Pellet masters, more media reactors, the list goes on. Expected arrival around Early July  

Warner Marine now available in Australia

After some lengthy delays, we have landed our shipment from Warner marine of their number 1 selling AIO pellet EcoBak. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1L containers, now is the time to change over to one of the best bio pellets available on the market. With their own...

New Bashsea shipment landed and unpacked

Another Bashsea shipment has landed and has been unpacked. We have 3ft and 4ft signature series sumps, Pellet Master reactors in PM1, PM2 and PM3, Mad Racks, customs twisted skimmers and Bio reactors and the new I-Sea underwater coral viewer. 3ft Sumps 4ft...

Nov Bashsea shipment packed and on its way.

Its been a busy few weeks for the team at Bashsea HQ. They have been finishing off our big order of sumps, Pellet Master reactors and a few custom pieces for various customers around Australia. Suss out the awesome looking Bashsea Signature series sumps below.

Bashsea Custom Bio Reactor and Twisted Skimmer

We were approached by a LFS, with a customer wanting a Bashsea life support system for their future 2500L fish only marine aquarium. After numerous discussions, with the customer, and liaising with Bashsea themselves, this combination of a Bio reactor 10×30, and...